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Mobile Specialist Company

Implementing High Quality Solutions To Your Trading Needs.

We work with insurance companies, mobile phone retailers, network operators, charities and other organisations in the UK and help them achieve their goals smoothly and effectively.

We specialise in everything mobile quite literally. Whether you are looking to procure mobile phones (old, new or refurbished), recycle them at a margin, recycle mobile handsets, dispose of end of life devices, or looking for a lucrative mobile phone repair strategy, we can help.

  • Strategy for repairs of mobile phones including refurbishment of LCD’s for insurance companies and retailers.
  • Source brand new, used and refurbished handsets as well as correctly disposing of end of life mobile phones and accessories.

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While working within the telecom industry we have built an extensive list of contacts for procurement and sales. Our team has the ability to source brand new, refurbished and used handsets as well as brand new parts and accessories for mobile phones. In order to deliver a solution that is affordable, quick and professional we work with all major mobile handset manufacturers and networks.


We work with mobile phone retailers and insurance companies in order to help set up the procurement process as well as sourcing brand new, refurbished and used handsets.


By working with insurance companies and mobile phone retailers across the UK we can help reduce the cost of repairing mobile phones and improving repair percentages.


Many old, faulty or damaged mobile phones end up in drawers or thrown away, we can offer an alternative. We provide a reliable recycling consultancy and can help setup the right strategies for reusing and recycling mobile phones in the UK.


End of life mobile phone recycling is a benefit for everyone as it helps to protect the environment. It is really important to ensure that mobile phones are disposed of responsibly or recycled.

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We can help you with all your
mobile trading needs

At Everything Mobile Ltd, we use our experience and expertise to make the process easy for you. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements. Contact us today for an obligation free consultation. Call 07568186671 now.

Services we can help you with 
  • Increase sales through setting up highly effective processes
  • Strategy for recycling of mobile phones/accessories and LCD’s through the full lifecycle
  • Strategy for repairs of mobile phones including refurbishment of LCD’s for insurance companies and retailers
  • Source brand new, used, refurbished and graded handsets and accessories/parts.
  • Disposal of end of life mobile phones and accessories
Meet The Team

James Waterston


With over two decades of experience in the UK’s mobile phone and telecom industry in diverse roles. He understands every aspect of the industry from every angle. Whether you are looking for expertise in procuring mobiles for selling them at a profit, interested in setting up a sales strategy for your retail store, or looking to set up a repair strategy for LCDs, rely on 20 years expertise and experience.

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Over 20 years of experience
We can service all your mobile trading needs