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Our 20 Years Of Experience
Helps you with your supply needs

As a mobile phone procurement and recycling consultancy with over two decades of experience in the mobile phone and telecommunications industry I can use my expertise to assist organisations in increasing their sales, disposing of end-of-life mobile devices and in setting up a strategy for sourcing, repairs, and recycling.

Explore Our Core Services

We are experts of mobile phone procurement and recycling consultancy. By working with insurance companies, mobile phone retailers and network operators in order to Source brand new, used and refurbished handsets and accessories/parts.

We also provide recycling services for mobile phones to ensure that they are disposed of correctly in order to protect the environment.

Sales Process Set-up

With 17 years of sales experience in B2B and B2C with bluechip companies, I can help you develop and refine your mobile phone sales process.


I can help decrease your cost per unit for repair and increase your repair percentages.

Recycling Strategy

With over 8 years’ experience in the recycling industry I can help set up your recycling strategy. Whether you are looking to buy used/old mobile phones from customers to sell them for recycling at a margin or a charity looking to raise funds, I can set up the right strategy for you.


With over 17 years’ experience in telecom, I have built an extensive list of contacts for procurement. I can help you source from any part of the world and sell to applicable markets. Whether you are looking to source brand new, refurbished, graded used handsets or brand-new accessories and parts for mobile phones, I have you covered.

At Everything Mobile our expert team has the ability to source brand new, refurbished and used handsets along with brand new parts or accessories for mobile phones. We have built an extensive name in the telecom industry due to our procurement and sales.

We aim to deliver a solution that is quick and professional as well as it being affordable for customers.

James Waterston

My career began in customer service at Vodafone but soon expanded as I took on more responsibilities. Soon, I was promoted as a team leader before becoming a manager responsible for setting up a ‘skill centre’ to train future team leaders.

Within a few years, my career changed paths and went into the sales side of things, where I have been ever since. This started with B2C in Vodafone in the upgrades team leading to further roles in retention and customer saves. Amongst my roles during this time was again a team leader position, which meant providing sales coaching to my subordinates.

In 2007, I moved to 2020 Mobile UK Ltd (now known as Brightstar Corp). At 2020 Mobile, I started in the New Business development team bringing on many substantial new customers, ranging from larger eCommerce customers to mobile phone operators overseas.

After 2 years of this, I was moved into the sub-distribution and recycling division. This involved selling to our competitors, pricing up and sourcing stock for our own refurbishment programmes and customers and selling used stock (LCD’s, accessories and mobile phones). During this phase, was established alongside recycling for Tesco Mobile. I handled customers ranging from mobile phone companies like Go Mobile to
Insurance companies like Ace Insurance (now Chubb).

In 2013, I moved to Regenersis (now known as CTDI) to further my career. During my time here, I helped establish the re-commerce and trading department as a strong and profitable business.

This also allowed me to build up my knowledge of repair processes and prices, minimising waste and scrap, maximising profit for my company and customers. The role also involved a larger amount of procurement for our business and customers’ needs on products from parts (LCDs and spares) to handsets. My customers in this role were insurance companies, mobile phone networks, and large retailers as well as large repair centres.

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