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End of Life Mobile Phone Recycling

End of Life Mobile Phone Recycling

At Everything Mobile Ltd we offer WEEE recycling solutions for end of life mobile devices, the truth is a lot of precious materials can be recovered from mobile phones. There are several regulations in place to protect our environment and it is important to ensure that organisations dispose of mobile phones responsibly. we are compliant with all recycling regulations including the Environmental Protection act 1990 and the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005.
Responsible Mobile Phone Disposal and Recycling

Responsible Disposal and Recycling Solutions

Our team can help you register with the Environmental Agency so you can operate to the highest standards and become an accredited processor of electronic waste. We have over 8 years’ experience in mobile phone recycling, we understand that there can be issues faced when conforming to the stern waste management regulations. Everything Mobile Ltd can help you to comply with regulations when it comes to recycling and disposing of end-of life mobile devices. With the right documentation you can be sure that you are in compliance with all the legislative and legal requirements when recycling electronic waste.
Mobile Phone Sourcing and Procurement with End of Life Recycling

Effective Sourcing and Procurement

We have a dependable, honest and reliable mobile phone procurement team who work with all major distributors, retailers, insurance companies and mobile networks. Whether you are looking to source branded or non-branded handsets either new or refurbished, we have you covered.

Effective Sourcing and Procurement

End Of Life Service

When a mobile phone reaches the end of its lifecycle it doesn’t have to be thrown away, it can be reused or recycled. It is important to ensure that used mobile phones are disposed of properly in order to benefit the environment.
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