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Mobile Phone Recycling

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Mobile Phone Recycling

Mobile Phone Recycling

At Everything Mobile Ltd, we provide reliable recycling solutions for scrap mobile phones. Most old or broken mobile phones end up in the rubbish before reaching a landfill, recycling is a better alternative. As a recycling consultancy we buy scrap and BER devices from mobile phone retailers/operators, repair companies and insurance companies; we also recycle mobile phones to help raise funds for charities.
Safe and Secure Mobile Phone Recycling

Safe and Secure Recycling

Our recycling process conforms to guidelines put in place by the WEE recycling scheme, ensuring complete compliance of legislation when recycling unusable or faulty mobile devices. With over 8 years’ experience in the recycling industry we have the skills to set up the right strategies to reuse and recycle mobile phones in the UK.
Data Destruction when Recycling Mobile Phones

Data Destruction

We offer a service that is miles ahead of our competitors because we take mobile phone recycling seriously. Data destruction is an integral part of safe and secure recycling and it’s essential that sensitive data is fully deleted from each device. We comply with the Data Destruction Act 1998 to ensure that all devices are handled in the most professional manner.

Effective Sourcing and Procurement

Recycling Service

Old or damaged phones either end up lost in drawers or in rubbish bins before reaching a landfill. A positive and environmentally friendly alternative is recycling, we can offer a reliable recycling consultancy.
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