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Mobile Phone Refurbishment

How we can help

Mobile Phone Refurbishment - Replace Cosmetic Parts

Replace cosmetic parts

At Everything Mobile we work with mobile phone retailers to replace any kind of cosmetic part of a mobile device, so that they look brand new.
Mobile Phone Refurbishment - Repainting

Repaint cosmetic parts

We can repaint cosmetic parts in order for devices to look flawless and like new without replacing any parts.
Reconfigure or clear software on refurbished mobile phones

Reconfigure or clear the software on each device

In order for your device to work at full speed again we can clear or reconfigure the software on your device, this also saves scrapping mobile devices.
Repackage mobile phones

Repackage the device

We will repackage your device to keep it looking pristine once it has been refurbished or reconfigured.
Reconfigure security seals on refurbished phones

Reconfigure the security seal

Security and safety of data is an essential part of your mobile phone, we can reconfigure the security seal to ensure your device is up to date with security software.
Repair and refurbish LCD phone screens

Repair/refurbish LCD screens

At Everything Mobile we work with mobile phone retailers to replace, repair or refurbish LCD screen on devices to ensure great screen quality.

Effective Sourcing and Procurement

Refurbishment Service

We make use of specialised skills to refurbish used mobile phones that would otherwise be making their way to scrap or landfill. Not only do we help the environment, but we also put in our best to help drive your profit margins. All phones are refurbished to the highest standards by our team of highly skilled, fully trained and experienced technicians.

By recovering parts and refurbishing devices, you can lower your costs for replacements and repairs, while also reducing waste that ends up in landfill. Rely on our expertise and skill to give a new lease of life to erstwhile old and broken mobile phones.

Clients across the UK trust us for mobile phone repairs and refurbishment. Whether you are looking to lower costs or add to your bottom line, we can help.

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