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Introducing, Everything Mobile

 We at Everything Mobile Ltd are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new website. The purpose of the website is to give our loyal customers and any potential customers an online resource where they can learn about our services and interact with us directly.

Ultimately, we want to make your life that little bit easier.

We would like to take this opportunity to personally thank the team at Blue Whale Media, a leading web design agency based in Warrington that took us under their wing (or should we say fin) and managed to exceed our every expectation. From the first phone call we made to the agency enquiring about their services, right up to the finishing touches, the guys over at Blue Whale Media have been attentive to any question, query, idea or suggestion we have had.

This truly is a team that cares and the result of their continued efforts is a highly responsive, visually engaging website.

So what’s great with our new website?

How we can help

A New Look for Everything Mobile

Blue Whale managed to create for us a truly striking website in terms of visuals. The landing page has a sliding image that lets visitors know about the 4 core services that are key to Everything Mobile: Procurement, refurbishment, recycling and EOL recycling. We wanted a home page that tells people exactly what we do and straight away. Blue Whale’s graphic design department also redesigned our logo and created custom graphics for our website so that it looks as professional as the service that we provide.

Mobile and Google Friendly!

This one may seem a bit obvious as we are a mobile phone specialist but with over half of internet searches now being made from mobile phones or tablets, it is massively important that websites are fully mobile supported.

Our new website is now fully mobile and Google friendly, this means that if you visit our page from a desktop computer, a laptop, a phone or any other device-the experience is not impaired.

Keep Up to Date with Everything Mobile

We have made it that bit easier for our clients and prospective customers to keep up to date with our service. We decided to include amongst our website a blog feature. This blog feature will be continuously updated so that you can stay in the loop with what’s happening on our end.

As well as a blog feature, our new website has now been fully social media integrated with our Facebook and Twitter accounts being directly linked. Got a question you want to ask us? Fire us a tweet off to our twitter account or message us direct on Facebook Messenger. It’s that easy.

Effective Sourcing and Procurement

Contact us Easily
All of our contact information is of course listed on our new website but we have also decided to include an easy contact form. Fill in the form and we will get back to you, again how easy is that? We hope that you enjoy the new website as much as we do and welcome any feedback you might have.

James Waterston


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